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 SENSING with DEVOTION, GOING into Future with IoT 

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The clock tells you time, and the ruler measures the distance. How can the water and air in motion be measured? The answer is Advsense Technolgy, the manufacturer specialized in production of pressure sensors. Advsense Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2005,  is a high-tech company specializing in silicon-based pressure sensing products and control technology. We provide solutions tailored to address each customer's unique application.

The company is located in the MEMS Industrial Park, a strategic campus for instrumentation development and production, gathered more than 60 high-tech electronic information companies.

Solution to control pressure, flow and temperature for science instruments, building monitoring, industrial automation systems, and military equipment, each type of product of Advsense Technology family series, starting with components, transducers, transmitters and field instrumentation is designed and produced with an effective production management under a strict quality control measure by the professional engineering team.  It provides the confidence to ensure accurate measurement, stable operation and long-term safety of an automation system.

Taking our 19mm sensor for instance, it goes through more than 57 processes. Each process follows the SOP standardization including method of handling, time, rhythm, operational technics, precautions, and quality requirements. Focus on precision of details through each process yields to our product with precision and high quality.

To maintain the commitment on quality, Advsense Technology combines technology and devotion to elevate the quality of pressure sensors towards 6-sigma.

Advsense Technology's product development process implements standardized management. Of each stage of the product design in planning, input, and output, the introduction of control methods, such as review, verification, and confirmation, improves the one-time success rate of product development and shortens the lead time. This allows us to bring more value for our customers, and continuously to improve product cost effectiveness.

Advsense Technology keeps bringing in talents and investment on technology development. With 15 years of continuous investment, the company has on board a number of top experts from different countries and industries. Through 15 years of project development experiences, Advsense Technology has own some core technologies and maintain technology advantages within the community., and awarded 26 patents of invention and utility model.

The introduction of the 24-bit composite temperature and pressure IIC (pronounced as ai-fang-c) bus output product line, brings a new experience to our customers, which the product size reduced by 1/3, comparing to the product with analog output. 

Advsense Technology carries belief in excellence and trust with customers for our product and services. we demonstrate our commitment to this belief every day by understanding customers’ needs, program validation, material procurement, prototyping, batch production engineering, feedback and improvement. Customers’ input and product competitiveness are well-considered in each of these processes. We listen to our customers, and we produce products with devotion. With quality and service, we build our brand. Advsense Technology is the consistent choice of 300 customers worldwide.

Being a top-class company and a truly industry leader is our goal. Advsense Technology will be customer-oriented, focus on product stability and safety.

Relying on quality control and effective production, we shall consolidate our leading position in the industry, and become an internationally renowned company. In the era of 5G and IoT, with its solid technology and production expertise, by its devotion to customers' needs, Advsense Technology shall succeed in the industry and be well-known brand at home and abroad.

Join Advsense Technology, succeed in the future!